Katie Berkman

Orange County, Soccer

 I got started with FCA after God pulled me from student teaching and showed me that His plan for me was to go into full-time ministry. One of my good friends, Gracee Teague, who was on staff with FCA Volleyball introduced me to Sport Specific FCA and I finally obeyed God’s calling on my life.

  I am doing sports ministry to show other people that Jesus does not have to be separate from your sport. I was shown how to combine my biggest passions, Jesus and soccer, and I want everyone to experience the blessings that come from using a sport to glorify the Lord and further His Kingdom.  



Shari Bernhardt

Orange County, Volleyball

I began with FCA when I was a part of the collegiate volleyball internship in Orange County my junior year. God grew me in leadership and intimacy with Him. I also saw what ministry inside of volleyball could look like! That summer was a huge reason why I stepped into sports ministry. I caught a glimpse of how God can use the influence and platform of an athlete or coach through a sport. I also am in sports ministry because God used an older volleyball player to share the gospel with me for the first time and disciple me, and I have desired to do that for others since then!

Jeff Mckee

Orange County, Baseball

A lifelong resident of Santa Ana, Jeff’s love for Jesus sprouted at a young age in his Christian home and continued to grow while he attended Calvary Christian School. He went on to play baseball for the Tustin High School Tillers, graduating in 1995. Following his high school career he played and managed his amateur baseball team within multiple local Southern California leagues.In 2005 Jeff and his family founded Trinity Bat Co. in Fullerton CA which manufactures wood baseball bats for MLB players and the amateur market. In 2014 he took a full time position at Angels RBI League as their Resource Development Coordinator. He currently is on staff with FCA as a sport specific area rep focusing on the game of baseball in urban communities and camps. Jeff was introduced to FCA in 2009 through an FCA Baseball camp and loved the idea of using sports to open doors for the Gospel and life change. Jeff does sports ministry to see urban communities in Orange County impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.

Jeff and his wife Kim live in Santa Ana with their two girls, Jenna Grace and Amanda Joy. They enjoy spending time with family, playing wiffle ball, and riding bikes to Habit Burger. They are actively involved at Calvary Church in Santa Ana.

CJ Lamoreux

Coachella Valley, Soccer

FCA came into my life in 2016 when God asked me to use my platform for Him. As the Director of Coaches for Palm Desert Soccer Club God gave me a tremendous amount of influence on the coaches and athletes. I joined FCA to empower and encourage these coaches to use their platforms of influence and bring their faith into their teams.

I am doing sports ministry because I have experienced the greatest life changing transformation and it's because of the relationship I have with Jesus Christ. I want everyone around me to have the same opportunity to experience His love, grace, and promises and I know it's only through a relationship with Him. I know God is worth it and these kids are worth it, so I'm ALL IN!


Meghan Locklair

Orange County, Volleyball

How I got started with FCA was through the athletes at Clemson University that invited me into real relationship and authentic, high challenge leadership.  I was able to experience a group of people that were together for a purpose larger than themselves and that functioned as a tight knit family. How I got started with FCA Volleyball in California — the athletes at Clemson were half football players half volleyball players.  By experiencing a little bit of what volleyball could be used for within God’s purpose, I had just enough courage and vision to move to California, the hub of the volleyball world, and pursue building something similar there. 

My two largest reasons for pursuing sports ministry are: 

1. Using coaches and athletes to influence the world is REALLY strategic! Billy Graham stated, "One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime.” 

2. Sports mimic the model of Jesus’ ministry of building a team and giving them a mission.  To think about what could happen if sports took on the DNA of Jesus’ ministry is one of the most exciting things I could dream of. 


Ben Orr

Orange County, General Manager & Regional Director

Sports Ministry is one of the most effective ways to reach lost souls for Jesus. We love training up the next generation of athletes and coaches!

Ben and Lindsay started a baseball camp while Ben was playing pro baseball. After seeing the baseball camp grow and lives changed through the influence of the camp coaches, Ben joined the FCA staff and started the Southern California baseball specific office in 2011.



Natalie Lawrence

Orange County, Soccer

I started with FCA after I spent a year of coaching high school soccer. I was so convicted about the influence I had as a coach on the athletes, so I joined FCA to spread this conviction and empower more coaches to see this same vision.

I am doing sports ministry because I love God, people, and soccer. Ever since God saved me and I learned of His love, grace, and hope, I have been on a mission that no one will miss out on these same life changing truths!



Daniel Rich

Orange County, SoCal Sports Specific Director

For me, FCA has been a safe place to learn and build deep relationships since Jr. High, and especially at Clemson.  FCA was the first to believe in me as a young leader in college and offered me a position to start a volleyball ministry in 2008!

I believe sports ministry could be the best tool, with the most amount of opportunity, to advance the Kingdom.  Sports crosses most of the barriers people have to get to know Jesus, and has the most influential leaders: the coaches!




Sean Rooney

Orange County, Baseball

I have witnessed God use my family's story of hope through tragedy and the platform of professional baseball to CHANGE LIVES and impact His Kingdom.  I've invested my career to impact, train and equip high school baseball players to represent Jesus on and off the field. It was clear that the Lord called us (my wife Jana & daughter Monroe & son Lincoln) out of a professional baseball career to impact the baseball community here in Southern California.  

With year round sunshine, this is one of the hot beds for competitive baseball! As the Director of HS Ministry, my vision  May they step between the foul lines to compete at the highest intensity because that's what God calls them to do, and yet know that their success is not based on their baseball abilities, but in their relationship with Jesus.