Q: How is SSM different than the “C” of Campus ministry?

A: SSM’s focus will be the “C’s” of Coaches and Community, and collaborating with the area reps for Camps, and Campus.

Q: Do I have to raise my complete support?

A: Yes, you will be trained by the SSM Office and Support Raising Solutions. SSM Office will also provide weekly check in calls for trouble shooting, accountability, and encouragement. You will be raising support alongside the other staff hires. You will not be doing this alone; a team is behind you!

Q: What does a typical week look like?

A: Ideally 12 hours in office and 28 hours in the field.

 Q: Is this for all sports?

A: Yes, we’ve identified 50 prospective sports for ministry in SoCal.

Q: What if I’ve never coached before?

A: An ideal staff would be someone who has had coaching experience or one that understands the lifestyle of a coach, although this is not a full deterrent of being hired.

Q: Do I need to go to seminary to be on staff?

A: No, but you will be required to agree with the FCA statement of faith.

Q: Does this job include a lot of travel?

A: You will travel around your city area for meetings, huddles, and coaches visits. The first 6 months you will travel for training every 8 weeks to the SSM Office in Huntington Beach.

Q: What amount will I get paid?

A: The amount you will get paid is your full-time support amount. The amount will be decided case by case based on the cost of living index and needs.

Q: Are there part-time positions available?

A: Yes, a part-time position is at least 24hrs/week or a 60% workload.

Q: Can I get hired in another area that I don’t live in?

A: Yes, but we want to place staff in an area where their largest network resides because of its impact on ministry growth and relationships.

Q: Where will the trainings be located?

A: At the SSM Office in downtown Huntington Beach.

Q: What can I expect from the trainings?

A: Trainings are 5 days of experiential and group learning, where everything taught is modeled through current ministry going on. Each session of training will have a time of reviewing, reflecting, quality time with the team of staff, and learning about your own leadership.