Ray Brown and his wife, Christina, saw that the club volleyball world was in need of relational restoration. Over the course of several conversations with Daniel Rich, FCA Sports Specific Director, that need had a solution. Two years ago Ray and Christina started Change Volleyball. A club volleyball program that focuses on restoring players relationships with God and others. FCA Volleyball came along side of their dream and helped with finding supporters, speakers, coaches, and resources. Today, Change Volleyball is changing the landscape of club volleyball in Orange County. All of this life change started because one couple decided to listen to God and begin the conversation.



Over the course of five years, Ben Orr and the baseball staff have created a competitive baseball program, So. Cal. Catch, that not only performs athletically but allows for the gospel to be presented to the athletes, coaches, and families that surround them on the field. Coach Kevin and Coach Jimmy have been apart of Catch for the last few years and they have learned the importance of bringing their faith to the field. Through volunteering their time coaching and directing youth camps, their confidence and reliance on God has increased and their desire to see others have that same confidence has grown.