We are common people,

who have been invited to join God in the great mission that already existed within sports. In 1993 Donnie Dee pioneered the FCA ministry on many school campuses in Southern California. Since then, the sports world has shifted to where 90% of kids are playing off-campus sports. We’ve been a unique group of volleyball, baseball, and cheerleading coaches and athletes learning to do ministry to the people we know in the sport that we love. Today, we are a collection of our past experiences and failures. Together we created the SSM Office that now offers training and a support system to launch movements through staff into EVERY sport that is active off campus. 

We are Athletes,

who love sports. Specifically, the sport we grew up playing. We see so much potential in the people around us and desire to see change in their lives.

We are Christ Followers,

who know and understand that we are disciples of Christ and called to go out and disciple others.